¿How to deal with the absolute impossibility of experiencing the existence from any perspective other than human?
In front of my eyes I perceive multiple coexisting realities. I can only imagine the infinit ones that I will never be able to reach.
From this fact, hundreds of questions are born in me all the time.
I propose myself to sharpen my attention, to look in detail, to expand my consciousness.
I seek to change, as far as humanly possible, my point of view over and over again. I search tirelessly for new ways of seeing. Photography is my ally in that mission.
I intend to capture relations, hidden information that I want to reveal.
Improvisation is my research tool. I work full of wonder and gratitude for the benefits of chance. My pieces arise from the game and the error.
When capturing and editing, I collect my sights, my visions, my questions, I get to know my world, I configure imaginary landscapes that do not exist, I find new ways to share my emotion.
Working at Taller Paz Soldán
Buenos Aires, Argentina